ukraine crisis

Resurrection Church is closely following the unfolding events in Ukraine, this page will reflect live updates from
our friends, families, and missions involved with the ongoing crisis.

UPDATED FREQENTLY: This page is updated regularly to reflect the unfolding events. Images, media, and general information is obtained from family, friends, churches, and other humanitarian efforts on the ground in Ukraine. Your donations to the Ukraine Refugee Fund is directly helping to aid these efforts and is impacting the lives of Ukrainians fleeing for safety. Some information may be withheld or slightly altered for the safety of the parties involved.

western Ukraine

March 4, 2022 

A local church is working together with territorial defenses to provide aid to refugees and curtail supplies to those who are on the front lines. 
Basic supplies, such as the battery power banks seen here, are an essential necessity to those who are on the front lines. Connection to their families and allies offers both comfort and the strategic ability to communicate to their brothers in the frigid eastern Europe outskirts.
Local territorial fighters transported donated supplies to shelters housing refugees fleeing from zones experiencing active combat. 

far west Ukraine

March 4, 2022 

Local community and church members collaborate to aid in the evacuation efforts of those less fortunate.
 VIDEO TRANSLATION: "Greetings everyone. Today is the 8th day of the war. You know, there is this feeling that time has stopped. All of your priorities change and what used to be important, isn't anymore. The one thing that encapsulates your mind is for all of this to end as quickly as possible. Yesterday was a really treacherous day, it’s as if you’re in a trance, not knowing what tomorrow holds. But, everyday God is with us, and fills us with positive thoughts, and allows us to focus on serving. I want to say that today, the number of refugees has increased. Early on, only those who had the means, or those who were very freighted, fled the country—but today, people are finding ways to flee by their own accord; trains, busses, calls for help to family and friends. Because of this, we have focused more of our efforts to evacuate those who call and ask for our help. We’re receiving may requests across Ukraine and are doing our best to answer every cry for help. Me and my brothers drove and collected aid, food, and other products to distribute to those that are fleeing. So that’s what’s going on. All glory to God. If it wasn’t for the Lord, I wouldn’t know how we would be able to cope—we probably wouldn’t even be here."

southwestern Ukraine

March 3, 2022 

Members of a church in Ukraine are providing shelters for children and their mothers fleeing active combat zones while food and supplies are being distributed to those who choose to remain on the front lines. 



support the ukrainian people.

In these difficult times, we ask for prayer, and to whomever desires to help financially,  Resurrection Church has setup this fund will to directly support Ukrainian refugees desperately looking for safety.

Please make sure to select the Ukraine Refugee Fund so all of your contributions are used to directly impact those who are in need in the Ukraine.